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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the next frontiers in Human-Computer Interaction. The in-person presence and information overlays provided by these technologies benefit enterprises globally in their sales and training efforts.

Boon's cloud based platform integrates content enhancement, management, delivery and analytics. The user-experience is training-centric with high level of interactivity and personalization.

Boon is driving the adoption of VR & AR to enhance productivity for the enterprise, with focus on customer training to drive sales and accelerate product adoption. We are addressing the need of immersive training for mission critical applications in the healthcare industry and have secured significant customers.

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We're hiring talented engineering, design, & content experts. Let's pioneer this industry together.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the upcoming frontiers of innovation. So much is changing and Boon is right on the cutting edge. You'll work with smart people. You'll move fast. And you'll be proud of the work that you do.