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What We Do

Boon's cloud-based platform provides immersive on-demand virtual reality (VR) training for medical procedures. With Boon's technology, doctors can put on a VR headset and watch a real-life surgery from a 360-degree perspective. Using Boon's VR capabilities, viewers can peek over the surgeon's shoulder, watch every incision and suture, note heart and respiratory activity on the monitors and even look around to see how the operating room assisting staff members are interacting. If the operating room is a living theater, then Boon VR puts the viewer on center stage. Boon makes remote training feel as close to physically being there, without having to travel!

How It Works

Medtech company buys Boon subscription online.

Hire a Boon accredited VR videographer to record 360-degree videos of real-life medical procedures.

Upload videos to Boon's Learning Management System and customize them to make interactive training experiences.

Physician opens the Boon app that's pre-loaded on the headset provided by the Medtech company to watch from the comfort of their own offices.


  • Boon closes the training gap so medical device companies can deploy products faster with our intelligent and interactive technology. Pilot data from Fortune 2000 Medtech companies available upon request.
  • Boon VR pilot at St.Helena Hospital, CA [Q4-2017]  [ Source ]
      77% of operating room respondents felt VR case training will replace video training.
      100% felt VR case training was more effective than video training.
  • Cardiothoracic Surgeon focus group [Q3-2017]
      42 cardiothoracic surgeons watched an open-heart case in Boon performed by Dr.Gan Dunnington at Marriott, Napa Valley.
      100% preferred VR case training over conventional video training.
      100% said they would use it if it were available.
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